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3D Copyright

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Protect your product against copying

By filing a South African design registration

For only US$195

Prevent copying in 6 easy steps

  1. Identify the product (e.g. braai, clothing, game board, building block, baby teething ring, light, adapter)
  2. Select the design type ‐ Aesthetic / Functional (or both)
  3. Select at least one class (e.g. class 9 for containers)
  4. Input applicant's details
  5. Snap and upload photos of your product
  6. Sign and upload forms prepared by us
  7. Pay US$195 by credit card

Quick & easy protection

You only need:

  • a smart phone, computer or tablet;
  • a credit card; and
  • 5 minutes.

The design registration will prevent your product being copied for up to 15 years.

Suggestion: Also mark your drawings and marketing material with the copyright symbol ©, your name and the year (e.g. © 3D Copyright, 2018). You may add the copyright symbol irrespective whether you file a design registration.

Sample completed form

3D Copyright Form Example

Applications filed by our agent

Iptica Filings


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