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Class no. Class description
Class 1Foodstuffs
Class 2Articles of Clothing and Haberdashery
Class 3Travel Goods, Cases, Parasols and Personal Belongings, Not Elsewhere Specified
Class 4Brushware
Class 5Textile Piecegoods, Artificial and Natural Sheet Material
Class 6Furnishing
Class 7Household Goods, Not Elsewhere Specified
Class 8Tools and Hardware
Class 9Packages and Containers for the Transport or Handling of Goods
Class 10Clocks and Watches and Other Measuring Instruments, Checking and Signalling Instruments
Class 11Articles of Adornment
Class 12Means of Transport or Hoisting
Class 13Equipment for Production, Distribution or Transformation of Electricity
Class 14Recording, Communication or Information Retrieval Equipment
Class 15Machines, Not Elsewhere Specified
Class 16Photographic, Cinematographic and Optical Apparatus
Class 17Musical Instruments
Class 18Printing and Office Machinery
Class 19Stationery and Office Equipment, Artists' and Teaching Materials
Class 20Sales and Advertising Equipment, Signs
Class 21Games, Toys, Tents and Sports Goods
Class 22Arms, Pyrotechnic Articles, Articles for Hunting, Fishing and Pest Killing
Class 23Fluid Distribution Equipment, Sanitary, Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Equipment, Solid Fuel
Class 24Medical and Laboratory Equipment
Class 25Building Units and Construction Elements
Class 26Lighting Apparatus
Class 27Tobacco and Smokers' Supplies
Class 28Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products, Toilet Articles and Apparatus
Class 29Devices and Equipment Against Fire Hazards, for Accident Prevention and for Rescue
Class 30Articles for The Care and Handling of Animals
Class 31Machines and Appliances for Preparing Food or Drink, Not Elsewhere Specified
Class 32Graphic Symbols and Logos, Surface Patterns, Ornamentation

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3. Prepare photos / drawings showing the product

Note: Only the front view is required. We recommend including photos / drawings for front, rear, left, right, top, bottom, and perspective views.

Example of granted European design photos:

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Form D3 [PDF]
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Power of attorney [PDF]
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Photo 1: Front view [PNG / JPG / JPEG / GIF]
Photo 2: Rear view (Optional)
Photo 3: Left view (Optional)
Photo 4: Right view (Optional)
Photo 5: Top view (Optional)
Photo 6: Bottom view (Optional)
Photo 7: Perspective view 1 (Optional)
Photo 8: Perspective view 2 (Optional)

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